Eyelash Extensions

So, I finally got eyelash extensions after about 3 years of wearing strip lashes… I wanted to make sure that I had really had a chance to try out eyelash extensions before I shared my full review on what I thought about them. I am not the person that just likes to promote something right away after only using it one time, because I feel like if you haven’t really had a good amount of time to try something out then you can really say you reviewed something cause I’m sorry, but you didn’t. You got the item in PR or the service for free and you are clearly just talking about it since you got the service for free. No I am not trolling people or hating on them cause they review a bunch of PR and they review it for you on their stories right away to get more stuff sent to them. I am just saying a lot of bloggers chose to do this and it has gotten out of hand. Long story rant short lol I am in no way shape or form telling you to go out and get eyelash extensions or try to get you to go to the place I go to. I am just simply sharing my experience that I have had with eyelash extensions and hoping that  if you are going through the same situation I did then it will help you make your choice as well. 

Strip Lashes 

   Let’s talk strip lashes. The one that come in about a pack of 5 or 6 lashes that you can get from a drug store or Ulta for like $11.99 per pack that you can get about  3  wears out of each pair in the pack. My struggle was that every-time I would put the Duo glue on the strip and place it on the lash about 3 hours after having the lash on the sides started to come up and hang off the lash. That had happened about 4 out of the 5 days of week that I wore Strip lashes. So, I would say I did that for about 2 years. Then I was like I have to try an alternative, because I can’t keep looking like a alien half of everyday at work.

Eyelash Extensions 

To be honest I didn’t want to go this route, because I had heard so many different stories about how they were bad for your lashes and that they made you lose your natural lashes. Thats why it took me so long to switch. I switched in April of this year and that was when I got my first set of lash extensions at Amazing Lash Studio in overland park. They were about $150 for a full set of lashes for the first time. The experience was pretty nice I had my own room  and there was nice music playing, it was very relaxing. The whole process took about 2 hours for a set of volume lashes. They said that they would last for about 2 weeks…. Well they started falling out that day and by the end of the week they had all fallen out. My first instinct was that I had done something wrong which led to them falling out so quickly. Then I was like that can’t be it because I clearly followed the instructions for after care. About  a month went by then I decided that I would give them one more shot, but at a different place this time. I found a place up in Parkville, KS that is very reasonably priced about $89.99 for a full set of volume lashes. For a refill every 21 days it is about $69.99 which is so worth it . If you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions and you have been wearing strip lashes forever do it. Just make sure you are going to a place that has a lash technician that is licensed of course and somewhere where you have done your research on as well. Hush Lash Studio is the place I go to and I love it! Would I ever go back to strip lashes?? Probably not. Ive had them on since April of this year consistently and haven’t had any regrowth issues or anything close to that. So, If you are considering it go for it! 




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