Disney World 2019


     This past June my family took a trip to Walt Disney World since my 4 year old nephew had never been. We went the first week of June and pretty much planned the trip 2 weeks before we left. Disney makes things so easy though when it comes to planning for a trip, so planning last minute wasn't to difficult. My Mom ended up finding a travel agent that helped us plan the trip, which was very helpful.

        We had planned on staying at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge where the animals are right out your hotel window. We actually booked that one first and then my nephew saw there was a hotel that had Cars the movie stuff at it, which he loves Cars. So, we ended up staying at Disneys Art Of Animation Resort and it was still very nice. They offer a meal and transportation package at Disney if you do the Magic Band plan. We ended up going with the Magic Band plan and it was great! 

      The Magic Band is like a ticket/room key/meal ticket all in one. You will wear it the whole trip and will use it to do pretty much everything. Based on the plan that you get you will get a number of snacks, drinks, and meals for your whole family and all you have to do is pay with your magic band at the check out. Same thing for opening up your hotel room door and for getting on all the rides you  have picked for your fast pass rides as well. It makes life so much easier, so that you aren't having to pull out your wallet every 5 mins showing that fast pass card at every attraction you got a pass for. 

        If your planning a trip for your family to go to Disney soon or in the summer months I would for sure recommend tank tops and shorts for everyday. It can be so hot and uncomfortable out there especially in the summer months that you want to make sure you stay cool. I wore black a few times and I was so uncomfortable, but shorts are a must for Florida! 

    Overall we had a great time and really loved our experience! My nephew had the best time for his first visit to Disney and I am sure we will be back very soon! I have included some of the pieces that I wore on this trip below that I really loved for you all to shop!







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