Tie Dye Obsession

I wanted to share my thoughts about the Tie Dye trend coming back this season. Who remembers tie dying t-shirts with your BFF’S at a sleepover party?? (Me). I remember me and my friends going to Michaels Craft Store with my Mom picking up supplies to tie dye a fun white tee. Well lets just say the self tie dye t-shirts might be making a come back as we see retailers and celebs wearing this fun 60’s trend.

Of Course my thoughts on this trend coming back on the map is very positive, since the trend did take up some of those great childhood memories. I love tie dye and to think that Is becoming such a huge trend piece in some of the larger designer brands as well.

Where have I seen the trend most used?? I would say there is a lot of sweatsuits I have seen the trend on so far this season. Recently since we are now approaching spring I am seeing it more and more on garments you don’t regularly see patterns on. For example, denim shorts, purses, and sneakers.