Is 2020 Over Yet??!

I know I am not the only one that is thinking this…. For real though wake me up when it is over lol. Who else is over the year already?? Well you are not alone, and don’t worry 2021 will be filled with 2 years worth of activities since most of everyone has had to cancel all plans for the year.

Even though 2020 for most all of us has been a dud, it still happens to be the year I myself have felt most accomplished in my life. Through all this stay at home garbage I managed to hit one of my biggest personal goals that I have set for myself. With that being said, I see how this. year is well… a joke to say the least, but your mindset doesn’t have to be.

Mindset sets the tone of any task, goal, and activity you choose to participate in. Although this may be a no brainer for some, others don’t take the time out of their day to realize this could be so effective. If you haven’t already realized, I am writing this due to being one of the others. I am here to tell you that is ok lol. Trust me its ok to not be a know it all for all trades, believe me it’s ok.

I am normally the person that is the first one to see the negative in something (which is a horrible quality btw). This past year that has been quite different for me through these challenging times for everyone. That is where the whole mindset thing comes in at. If you have a negative mindset about something you will never see a positive outcome from it. This played a huge role in my life when starting my weight loss journey this past year leading into this year. If I never saw myself being able to put the ice cream cone down I was never going to see a six pack again lol.

So, yes 2020 may be absolute dud, but its all about what you put into your life that determines what you get out of it. Yeah yeah I know I know cliche, but I am serious. I never thought I had the will power to change a situation that I had no control over before. Yes, sometimes you don’t have the power to change the outcome of a situation you may not particularly favor, but you do have the power to control how you react to the situation. So, always be positive in life even through a worldwide pandemic, the world needs more Positive Polly’s in it. (reminds me of “Polly want a cracker”) lol. This is where my boyfriend would look at me and say “Squirrel”. If you are reading this you can’t continue unless you know what I am referring to. JK, but for real go look it up please!!! Haha back to business.

While you are reading this post you may see me as a person that is all over the place with her words or see me as the person that can’t tell a story straight to save her life. Let me be clear with you here, if there is one thing that I want you to take away from this post it is go kick some ass in this Corona infested place we call Earth!! While you’ve been sitting at home behind a tv for 4 months someone has been busting there ass creating something new that will soon knock your Jimmy Choo’s into the year 2040.