Most Exciting Thing In 2020!

It was the end of summer 2018 when Derek & Lindsay’s love story began. They met for dinner at Lindsay’s families favorite restaurant in town. 

After constantly teasing each other and driving one another nuts they decided to give dating a try. Shortly discovering they were complete opposites, they’ve been inseparable since. 

  The first month of their relationship was in October, and if you know Derek well you know that Lindsay got a glimpse of what her Fall weekends would consist of early on. That being a lot of shopping weekends while Derek set in the tree stand waiting for a mature buck to walk by. (For the record that has yet to happen. ) 

  Derek and Lindsay started their lives together in Kansas City, which for Derek is a little ways from home. As for Lindsay she was still living in the nest lol. Almost a year later Derek got her to fly the nest and settle in a 900 square apartment in Overland Park. (Don’t be fooled, it was their dog Belle that really sold Lindsay on moving out of her parents house at 24.)

  In October of 2020 they embarked on there first out of town adventure together. A 10 hour road trip to Breckenridge Colorado in a small SUV, (filled to the brim with Lindsay’s things of course.) It was when they weren’t sure if Lindsay would make it down the Mountain on their hike on McCullough Gulch Trailhead that Derek decided to “Pop The Question”. 

   The two can’t wait to tie the knot with all of their closest friends and family! Here’s to a new adventure starting in the Fall of 2021!