Did Someone Say Diet??


A few months ago I looked  in the mirror and saw that I was so unhealthy.  I was ready to make a change in my lifestyle and my diet. I knew that I didn't want to go on a actual diet, because I don't really believe in diets. I just wanted to change the type of lifestyle I was living to help me live healthier life. Honestly I didn't realize what I was putting into my body everyday was so bad for me and once I changed my diet or my selection of food that I would feel so much better. 

       I wanted a way that I could track what I was putting into my body as well to make sure that I was counting calories. I downloaded this app to help me do so and help me track my everyday calorie intake. Since about the end of June I have been tracking my calorie intake and I have lost a total of 26 pounds. This is based on a 1.300 calorie diet a day based on the time it will take to hit my set goal and what I need as far as intake per day to achieve this. 

     What did I change in my diet to get such change to happen?? NO FRIED chicken. I am someone that has always been a big fan on chicken nuggets, so I had to switch over to grilled nuggets and let me tell you they are way better than fried nuggets. They're also so much healthier for you. The one thing that I struggle with the most is french fries, because they're one of my favorite foods. I try to only have them a few times a week so like 2 max and when I don't eat chick fil a french fries then the fries I eat are sweet potato fries. 

     The main step I have taken to help me lose the weight is really cutting my portion sizes down. Once I started doing that I started to lose more and more. Bottom line the reason I started to eat better is to live a healthier lifestyle and to feel better. I would say I have for sure achieved that.