Garden Party Bridal Shower

Throughout the whole wedding planning process I haven’t really shared a lot of things that go along with the wedding planning process. I wish I would’ve started sooner honestly, because my orignal plan was to share everything after the wedding was over.

The reason I was planning on sharing after the wedding was to give me some time to put together my favorite parts of the planning process and not so favorite parts. I decided to change my mind, because I want to be able to share more as I go with you guys. That way if any of the current brides out there need planning advice I am able to help out in the best way possible.

My Maid Of Honor & Mom threw me this shower here in Kansas City where we live. We wanted to do something outside due to this really being the first time some of our guests were around other people since covid. It turned out to be a beautiful day though except for the little bit of wind, but what can you do ??

When it came to picking out the main details like theme, food, and venue I would say I was more involved than a bride should be with her shower lol. That was my choice though I like to be more hands on in the planning process, like the person that doesn’t like surprises:).

When it came to picking the theme I knew I wanted a garden party since we decided to have it in my parents back yard. So, we set out on a hunt all over Etsy looking for the right decor of what we were trying to find from our Inspo book we had planned out.

We ended up ordering a lot of the decor items from E-Favormart, which overall turned out to be a pretty good deal. Everything came in just like it looked on the website, except for one curtain came in with a stain on it, but we were able to throw it in the wash to clean it. Everything else looked awesome from them !

As far as additional decor goes we decided on picking up trays from home goods and Macys that were perfect for serving and displaying the deserts. I have placed some that are similar to the. ones we found below in the shop bar. After a while we had decided to hire a ballon company to come do some balloons for the event. I showed the company what I was looking for and the theme they pulled it all together. The company is local to KC its Up Up And Away Balloons, they did a fantastic job!

When it came to food I knew I wanted to have my favorite foods for my favorite people of course! Chick-Fil-A was the main course option that we had offered to everyone, we had it catered and delivered to the house. BEST DECISION EVER!!! It was a hit with everyone, we barley had anything left.

My baby Stella!

For deserts you know we had to go all out since my mom is the desert QUEEN!! We decided to do 4 kinds of different deserts, I know right sugar overload!! We had a beautiful cake and cupcakes made by our wedding cake designer Shannon Bond. When I say her cake is the best cake I’ve ever had in my life, please trust me. We couldn’t keep the cupcakes on the stand long enough we had to keep refilling. We also had adorable cookies from KC Cookie Gal someone that I now feel like is my friend due to the amount of time we have put into brainstorming together all wedding and shower cookie designs. She does amazing work, if you have a event coming up here in KC and are thinking cookies call her, because she’s the best! The macaroons we had were fantastic as well, super creamy! Those were from Kate Smith at Lenexa city center.

The day overall was incredible and it was so fun getting to see everyone in one place after a long year of being inside all the time. The day was actually my Maid Of Honor’s birthday as well and I am so grateful she let me share her day. We are so excited for our big day we only have 72 days left until we say I DO!!!!!! Time has flown by, I can’t wait to share everything with you all once we are married!

My next post before the wedding which I am hoping to have up in a few days is all about planning a Bachelorette party! I couldn’t be more excited to share my weekend with you and all the planning that went into it as well! So make sure you are on the look out for that post



Vendor Spotlight:

Cake & Cupcakes: Shannon Bond Cake Design

Cookies: Kansas City Cookie Gal

Macaroons: Kate Smith Soiree

Balloons: Up Up & Away Balloons KC

Rentals: Johnson County Rentals

Florals: Hyvee Floral

Food: Chick- Fil-A 87th St. Lenexa